When Traveling by Car, How to Keep Your Cat Safe

I have a cat, and I intend to travel. Traveling by vehicle with your cat is much more convenient. With these cat-friendly vehicle guidelines, you can ensure a safe ride.
Do you have any plans to take your cat for a vehicle ride? Whether you’re going on a short or lengthy trip, it’s a good idea to take precautions to keep your cat safe.

Check out the suggestions below for a few ways to keep your pet safe in a moving car.

It’s All About Restraint

If you’re considering allowing your cat to sit in your car or even wander around your RV without being confined, think twice. Experts advocate adequately confining your pet in the car while it is in motion to guarantee that your kitten is safe at all times.

When your cat isn’t confined, the chances of her being injured or killed in an accident are increased. Furthermore, correctly confining your cat during the vehicle journey can prevent her from distracting the driver and, as a result, perhaps causing an accident. Plus, for anxious cats in cars, being in a carrier may help them calm, and it will keep your kitten from frantically running about the vehicle while you’re driving.

Choose from a Wide Range of Cat Safety Products:

A selection of high-quality pet travel items are available to assist keep your cat as safe as possible during any automobile journey.

Allowing your cat to sit in a hard- or soft-sided carrier or box with a nice blanket inside is one option. For added stability, you may use a carrier that can be put on your car’s seat and then secured with the seat belt, but be careful to obtain information from the manufacturer, including crash test films that verify the carrier won’t be crushed by the seat belt during an accident.

Make sure your cat’s carrier is large enough for him to not only sit and lie down comfortably, but also to turn around and stand in. If you have many cats in the car with you, a carrier or box large enough for all of them may be a smart method to make them feel more at ease; otherwise, each pet can have its own carrier.

If you believe your cat would like to be able to gaze out the window throughout the journey, a booster seat made for cats is an alternative. If you correctly install the booster seat and attach your kitty with a harness, you can be confident that your cat will be safer if you have to stop quickly or collide with another vehicle.

The Safest Place for Your Cat in the Car:

A hard-sided kennel style carrier, according to Pam Johnson-Bennett, is the safest choice for a travelling cat. When it comes to where to put the carrier in the car, the front seat isn’t the ideal option because the airbag might put your pet in risk if it deploys during an accident. If you’re putting your kitten in a carrier, just place it on the floor behind one of the two front seats.

Have fun on the ride!

As you work on establishing a strategy to keep your cat safe and comfortable when travelling by automobile, keep the ideas above in mind. Don’t forget that your kitten should never be left alone in a parked automobile.