Regarding Baby Bunnies

Due to the high number of homeless pet bunnies in shelters and rescues, we recommend that bunny owners spay and neuter their animals to prevent them from reproducing. Female rabbits, after all, may have up to twelve babies every month. That’s quite a number of rabbits!

In the event that you are caring for a pregnant rabbit or a new mother, here are some general guidelines:

  • Separate the male and female rabbits so they can’t mate. If you don’t separate them, the male rabbit will impregnate the mother rabbit again when she gives birth, as well as the female offspring when they reach sexual maturity, if you don’t separate them. However, because the male and female are linked, it is critical that the male can still view and nuzzle with the female via a secure physical barrier. Both rabbits are less stressed as a result of this. Just make sure they won’t be able to mate!
  • Place a nest box in a peaceful location. Right before giving birth, mother rabbits may pluck hair and gather other items to construct a nest. In the box, place the nest. You can create one out of hay if she hasn’t already done so.
  • Mother rabbits only feed their babies once or twice a day. This does not imply that she is ignoring the children.
  • If the infants are dispersed and chilly, you will need to intervene to ensure that they are kept warm. If they are chilly, they will not be able to digest food.

  • Check the young bunnies’ stomachs on a regular basis to make sure they’re full. If they have sunken tummies and wrinkled skin, it’s possible that the mother isn’t nursing, in which case you’ll need to take them to a rabbit-savvy vet for a dosage of oxytocin to activate the milk glands.
  • At the age of eight weeks, babies can be separated from their mothers. Weaning the newborns sooner is not recommended since they require their mother’s gut flora and antibodies. You should also separate the male and female pups at 8 weeks to prevent breeding. Male rabbits can mature sexually as early as 10 weeks of age.

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